The SMART printer will not move or accept card.

The SMART printer will not move or accept card.

1. Check the card thickness control lever and adjust it to the current card's thickness.



2. Check the contaminated state of the Hopper Roller and clean it. When the Hopper Roller is contaminated, 

    the SMART Printer may be unable to move a card into the printer.


 We recommend to clean the SMART Printer inside and rollers as below. Please refer to the 

    SMART Printer User Manual.


   - After the SMART Printer prints 1,000 cards using the YMCKO ribbon.

   - After the SMART Printer prints 2,500 cards using the KO ribbon. 

   - After the SMART Printer prints 5,000 cards using the MONO ribbon. 

   - After the SMART Printer prints 800 cards using the YMCKOK ribbon. 


3. Check the contaminated and installed state of the Cleaning Roller, and fix and clean it.


   - When you clean the Cleaning Roller, you hold the Cleaning Roller and widen the bracket of the 
     Cleaning Roller and take out 
the contaminated Cleaning Roller from the SMART Printer. 

     You must wash the contaminated Cleaning Roller with running water and dry it and reinstall into the printer.


      abb9f6d4a0553be9f5c71a67ba73edc3_1491974032_6002.png         abb9f6d4a0553be9f5c71a67ba73edc3_1491974032_6695.png 

              Contaminated Cleaning Roller                            Normal Cleaning Roller

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      Printer failed to move a card from the hopper to the printer inside. -. Check the card thickness and adjust the card thickness control lever -. Check cards are stuck because of static electricity -. Clean Hopper roller and cleaning roller