Smart ID - latest version

Smart ID - latest version

Hi Jeff,

Here is a link to the latest version of Smart ID Software. Please remember that it only works with our SMART ID Card Printers.

IDP Support
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    • What is the latest driver for the SMART-51 and is it backwards compatible?

      The SMART-51 driver is now Microsoft Certified and is now on the website (Support > Download > Installation CD): The SMART-51 driver has advanced features similar to ...
    • The SMART printer doesn't print.

      1. Check the connected state of the USB cable to the USB port on the backside of the SMART Printer.   2. Check the connected state of the USB cable to the USB port of your PC.   3. Check the operating state of the SMART Printer driver in the Devices ...
    • Smart ID Software - Opening a Recent Project

      Hello Jeff, The Smart ID software projects have a file extension of .csp. When in File > Recent Project area, please make sure to choose a project file ending in .csp. If you try to open just the design file (.csd) it will not work. Feel free to ...
    • The SMART ribbon has snapped

      1. You can reconnect snapped ribbons together by using a piece of tape.   2. The reasons for a snapped ribbon are below.     - Check the size and the surface condition of the cards you are using. If you use a defective card, the ribbon may snap or    ...
    • The SMART printer will not move or accept card.

      1. Check the card thickness control lever and adjust it to the current card's thickness.          2. Check the contaminated state of the Hopper Roller and clean it. When the Hopper Roller is contaminated,      the SMART Printer may be unable to move ...