Printing Error

Printing Error

Error occurs while printing
-. Check a card is jammed
-. Check usage of a genuine ribbon and cards
-. Check the rollers and cards, and clean them if they are polluted
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    • 'Ribbon Search Error' is diplayed on the LCD

      1. Check the ribbon balance using the left LED button on the front panel of the SMART Printer.   ※ We supply extra panels on our ribbon to prepare for snapping or skipping. Even if unused panels remain      on the ribbon core, when the ribbon balance ...
    • When printing on both sides of the card, the SMART printer will not flip the card.

      1. SMART-51D, 50D, 31D & 30D are made by attaching a flipper onto a SMART Printer, so you have to keep the     flipper horizontal with the printer. When an error occurs while a card is being moved to or from a flipper,     you can adjust the flipper ...
    • What is a Ribbon Seek Error

      This Error is triggered if the printer can’t find the correct ribbon panel in printing or booting up -. Check the operating state of the Ribbon Motor -. Check the operating state of the ribbon encoder sensor and gears -. Check and clean the Color ...
    • Flipper Error

      Error occurs while operating a flipper -. Remove a card after opening a flipper cover -. Check the card size
    • Lami Error

      Error occurs while laminating -. Remove a card after opening a laminator top cover -. Check usage of a genuine laminating film and cards -. Check RFID Tag is correct