How to load cards on the Hopper.

How to load cards on the Hopper.

1. Please open the Input Hopper Cover and load a card or cards on the Input Hopper as shown

    below. When you load a card on the Input Hopper, do not push the card into the 

    SMART Printer or it may cause the card feeder to become obstructed, putting the printer in an error state.


 2. Please refer to "SMART Printer User Manual".


        abb9f6d4a0553be9f5c71a67ba73edc3_1491972104_942.png           abb9f6d4a0553be9f5c71a67ba73edc3_1491972105_0193.png

                               Correctly Loaded Card                                         Incorrectly Loaded Card             

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    • The SMART printer will not move or accept card.

      1. Check the card thickness control lever and adjust it to the current card's thickness.          2. Check the contaminated state of the Hopper Roller and clean it. When the Hopper Roller is contaminated,      the SMART Printer may be unable to move ...
    • The SMART printer only feeds cards but doesn't print.

      1. If you use an non IDP certified adapter, the SMART Printer may move a card correctly but the printing or      the encoding functions may have some problems. You must use our certificated adapter.
    • Card In Error

      Printer failed to move a card from the hopper to the printer inside. -. Check the card thickness and adjust the card thickness control lever -. Check cards are stuck because of static electricity -. Clean Hopper roller and cleaning roller
    • The SMART ribbon has snapped

      1. You can reconnect snapped ribbons together by using a piece of tape.   2. The reasons for a snapped ribbon are below.     - Check the size and the surface condition of the cards you are using. If you use a defective card, the ribbon may snap or    ...
    • Printing Error

      Error occurs while printing -. Check a card is jammed -. Check usage of a genuine ribbon and cards -. Check the rollers and cards, and clean them if they are polluted