Card Out Error

Card Out Error

Failure to discharge a card after printing, encoding or laminating.
-. Remove a card if the ribbon is attached
-. Check the rollers and cards, and clean them if they are polluted
-. Check the operating state of the card feeding rollers and sensors

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    • Card In Error

      Printer failed to move a card from the hopper to the printer inside. -. Check the card thickness and adjust the card thickness control lever -. Check cards are stuck because of static electricity -. Clean Hopper roller and cleaning roller
    • When printing on both sides of the card, the SMART printer will not flip the card.

      1. SMART-51D, 50D, 31D & 30D are made by attaching a flipper onto a SMART Printer, so you have to keep the     flipper horizontal with the printer. When an error occurs while a card is being moved to or from a flipper,     you can adjust the flipper ...
    • Flipper Error

      Error occurs while operating a flipper -. Remove a card after opening a flipper cover -. Check the card size
    • Lami Error

      Error occurs while laminating -. Remove a card after opening a laminator top cover -. Check usage of a genuine laminating film and cards -. Check RFID Tag is correct
    • The SMART printer will not move or accept card.

      1. Check the card thickness control lever and adjust it to the current card's thickness.          2. Check the contaminated state of the Hopper Roller and clean it. When the Hopper Roller is contaminated,      the SMART Printer may be unable to move ...